Our Home, For Now

30 Apr

My daughter and I lived with my parents when my husband, who just got back three weeks ago, worked abroad for six months.  Before that, we lived at my mother-in-law’s house.  Most of our furniture and appliances were sold or given away when we moved in with my parents.  Five days ago, my husband, our daughter and I moved to the house of my cousin who lives in the USA with her family.  There is already a refrigerator, a large table and two benches in the kitchen/dining area, and three sofas in the living room.

We brought in:

two bed mattresses, two chest drawers and an electric fan for the bedroom
  • our daughter’s portable dvd player, sofa bed, and table & chair set; my mac and workstation (PC, computer table & stool); my hubby’s laptop for work, TV, TV stand and an electric fan for the living/work area
  • rice cooker, 2-burner gas stove, lpg, dish rack, dish organizer and two plastic chairs
  • a twin tub washing machine and an iron

We don’t have cable TV or internet connection.  We are doing all the household chores ourselves.  We are making do without a lot of stuff but we don’t feel deprived.  We are just thankful that we’re together again.


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