My 36sqm Dream Home

6 May

I used to dream of a 2-storey 3-bedroom house.  But since my husband and I don’t plan on having a housekeeper and are doing all the household chores ourselves, I now want a smaller house.   A 36sqm bungalow to be exact.  I got the idea from the floor plan of a 36sqm model house I saw from the brochure that a newly developed subdivision has been handing out at the malls in the city lately.  It has 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath, and a kitchen/dining/living area.  It’s just right for a family of 3.

Aside from being easier to maintain and keep clean, a small house is also cheaper to build than my previous dream home.  We have a 100sqm vacant lot located in a subdivision at a nearby town and are planning to start construction next year.  Hopefully, it’s done by the start of the school year, which is in the month of June.  Our daughter’s only 2 years and 5 months old but has already lived in 4 different homes.  I want the 5th one to be our very own home.


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