Gratefully Working From Home

15 May

Since we moved out from my parents’ home last month, hubby and I have been working from home.  I will forever be thankful to my mother and brother for giving us this opportunity.  They also work from home since the family business, which provides accounting, auditing and other related services, is located at a 2-storey office which is an extension of my parents’ house while my brother’s house is right behind my parents’.  We go to the office every 2-3 days (or as needed) to get documents and to submit our work.  Once in a while, hubby goes to Manila or Batangas City to submit documents and/or remit payments to government agencies and/or banks.

After working at a 9-5 job for more than eight years, working from home takes a lot of getting used to.  I feel like I’m having a culture shock, but a good one.  It’s such a blessing to:

1.  Be able to set my own working hours
We have deadlines but it’s up to us what time of day (or night) we want to work.

2.  Be able to focus on work
No office politics, meetings or work-related events to attend.

3. Have more free time
We don’t have to spend time preparing to go to work or commuting to and from work.  We do household chores ourselves and best of all, we have time for our daughter.

4. Have less expenses
We avoid work-related expenses such as transportation, work clothes and shoes, gifts and contributions.  We don’t need the services of a domestic helper or a babysitter.

5. Be together
We appreciate being able to simply be together as a family.  We have lived apart three times during our marriage.  Twice when hubby worked overseas and once when I stayed behind in Manila while my hubby and our daughter went home to Batangas.


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