Goals for 2012

14 Nov

Late last year, I bought a BDJ Power Planner 2011.  I remember what pictures I put on its dreamboard page.

1. A family picture symbolizing that I want us to be together again.  Back then, my daughter and I were staying at my parents’ house and my hubby was working in South Africa.
2. A house symbolizing our dream home.  I’m tired of packing and unpacking.
3. A picture of a car symbolizing our dream car.  Our car then was a gas guzzler and required a lot of repair work.

Somehow, all three came true.  Hubby didn’t renew his contract and came home last April.  We moved in to our own home last September.  We are now using my parents’ other car, which we plan to pay (see goals for 2012) even though they’re not asking us to (they said it was a gift).

This is why I believe in the power of setting goals.  And here are my goals for next year which I made after re-reading Bo Sanchez’s 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich.

After several revisions during my morning routine and even during the day, here’s my final list of goals for next year:

1. xxx Annual Income
How     – Thru My Core Gift / My Passion
Why     – 10% tithe ,  20% retirement, 70% expenses

2. Debt-free
How     – Proceeds on Sale of Lot A as Payment for Lot B
Why     – Financial Freedom

3. Teach My Daughter How to Read
How     – Thru Catholic Filipino Academy’s Special Nursery Program
Why     – Self-directed learning can happen more easily if a child develops a love for reading.

4. Invest My Daughter’s Money in Stocks
How     – Thru CitisecOnline.com
Why     – The stock market is one of the best places for her to invest in.


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