We Got Connected!

13 Dec

We went yesterday to PLDT-SM Lipa Branch to sign the subscription contract and to present two valid IDs.  What a pleasant surprise to have them come over this afternoon and install our landline and internet modem.  Hello, world wide web!!!  We weren’t expecting them until tomorrow.  Thank you!

I use the internet a lot.  It saves me time and money because it lets me run errands in the comfort of my home and offers some services at zero cost.  (It also saves the trees as banks stopped printing statements and sends online statements instead.)  Here are what I used the internet for:

1.  Banking – pay bills and transfer funds thru BPI Expressonline

2.  Investing – buy and sell stocks thru BPI Trade, learn more thru Truly Rich Club

3.  Booking flights – buy plane tickets thru Cebu Pacific Air

4.  Connecting with Family – talk to my sister in the USA thru Magic Jack and Skype

5.  Shopping – pay for products thru PayPal

6.  Applying for Services – such as PLDT myDSL

7.  Learning – breastfeeding, parenting, minimalism, personal finance, productivity, homeschooling

8.  Blogging

9.  Connecting and re-connecting with family and friends – send messages, share pictures and chat thru Facebook

10.  Check Flight Status

I know that it can also be a time-waster (uh-oh).   We’ve got to be careful about that. =)



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