Indicators That A Child Is Ready To Learn How to Read

16 Dec

I found a great resource for homeschooling,  I stumbled upon it while I was doing a research about a post that I was planning on writing.

There is an article there that tells you how to determine if a child is ready to learn how to read.  It says:

The best advice is to teach your child to read when they are ready, regardless of how young or old they may be. Reading specialists have observed that children display certain behaviors when they are ready to read. Specifically, the child:
•    Knows the alphabet
•    Likes to look through books and magazines
•    Knows the parts of the body
•    Knows his own first and last name and can pronounce it clearly
•    Can express herself verbally
•    Can repeat a sentence of six to eight words
•    Knows that writing carries a message
•    Pretends to read
•    Understands that reading goes from left to right
•    Comprehends and can answer questions about a short story
•    Can look at a picture and tell you a story about it
•    Can write his own first name

Based on these indicators, my daughter’s almost ready.  I just haven’t taught her how to write her first name yet.


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