Work Experiences

17 Dec

I first earned my own money when I was in grade school.  My mom was a sub-contractor for a company that manufactures school uniforms.  I trimmed and folded uniforms and put them in clear plastic bags.

My second job was during high school.  The music school where I was studying how to play the organ hired me.  I taught other kids how to play that musical instrument.  I stopped when I heard that the owner told the other teachers that I always ask for cash advances.  The only reason I did was because I wasn’t getting paid.  The nerve!  I didn’t bother telling her that I quit, I just stopped showing up.

During the last few months of my last semester in college, my mother recommended me as a part-time bookkeeper to her client.  I only had one office mate and she kept telling me that I only got the job because my mother was the company’s consultant.  I knew it was true but it still hurt.  It didn’t matter to her that I was doing a great job.

That motivated me during the review for the CPA board exam.  I studied really hard, passed with flying colors and got a job at an auditing firm in Manila.  It didn’t last though.  I was feeling homesick and I hated the long hours.  That was also how I learned that I don’t like doing fieldwork.

Back home in Batangas, I got a job as a college instructor at my alma mater.  I loved teaching!  Unfortunately, I left after a semester and a summer because of personal reasons.

I went to Manila again to look for a job.  I was hired as a staff auditor in a bank.  I got promoted twice in the first 5 1/2 years.  I worked there for another 2 years and 8 months.  I resigned to be with my husband and daughter in Batangas.  I was missing my daughter so much.

And now, I work from home.  Will this be my last job?  Probably not.  Of all the jobs I had, I enjoyed teaching the most.  I’m no extrovert.  But I enjoy sharing what I know and that helps me overcome my shyness and speak in front of a lot of people.


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