Goodbye, Next Action Lists

19 Dec

I started keeping Next Action Lists after attending Eric Mack’s eProductivity Conference held here in the Philippines in November 2007.  The speaker discussed it during his presentation about Getting Things Done (GTD), a work-life management system.  Back then, I was still working in Manila, married for less than a year, and went home to Batangas every weekend.

Next Action Lists are lists of specific actions separated by context.  For example:

Context           Next Action

@Home          change bed linens and curtains, check pantry and prepare grocery list
@Work           backup files of client A to external hard drive, fill-up remittance forms
@Online         pay xxx to company A, transfer xxx from account A to account B
@Mall             redeem gift certificates from shop A, buy card reader from shop B

I don’t keep next action lists anymore.  It was useful to me then.  Necessary even.  But life has gotten much simpler now that I work from home.  If I would start using it again, there will be two contexts only, @home and @out.  These days, I get by with MITs-Most Important Tasks, which I read about at Zen Habits.


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