John Holt and Kindle

24 Dec

My desktop crashed.  The good news is I got a new Samsung Notebook (charged to company expenses).  My brother had me download/install Firefox, Avast Free Edition, Spybot Search and Destroy and Peachtree Accounting Software.  I downloaded a Kindle for PC for my personal use.

It turned out that some Kindle versions are not available in Asia Pacific Region, like John Holt‘s Learning All The Time and Teach Your Own, which I was interested in buying.  I also noticed that the prices of Kindle versions are usually $2 higher for customers in our region.

John Caldwell Holt (1923 – 1985) was an American author and educator, a proponent of homeschooling, and a pioneer in youth rights theory.  In his first book, How Children Fail, published in 1964, he cited his personal experience as a teacher and researches he conducted that led him to believe that traditional schools do more harm than good to children’s ability and desire to truly learn.

Learning All The Time captures the essence of John Holt’s insight into learning and small children.  It shows how children learn to read, write, and count at home in their everyday life and how their parents and other adults can respect and encourage this natural process.  Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book Of Homeschooling is a homeschooling classic that shows how ordinary parents can help their children grow as social, active learners.  It became the “Bible” of the early homeschooling movement.


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