Stocks Update from Truly Rich Club

26 Dec

The Stocks Update is the primary reason I signed up to Truly Rich Club, a private group of individuals whose financial growth is supported by Bo Sanchez.  This act is in alignment with our goal of putting 20% of our income to a retirement fund.  We want our budget to be allocated as follows: 10% Tithe, 20% Retirement and 70% Expenses.

I have dabbled into stocks before and made some losses and gains.  I didn’t really know what I was doing and how the stock market works.  Later on, I just buy the stocks that my brother buys and sell those when he sells his.  Thanks to his tips, we had better returns on our investments.

However, in August, we sold all our stocks to fund the construction of our house.  Now that things are starting to settle down, we want to build up our retirement fund again.  I compare becoming a member to the club to hiring a financial adviser.  Why?

In the monthly “Stocks Update” report, Bo tells members what companies he’s investing in and how they’re doing.  The purpose of the report is to give guidance and inspiration.  It will also be crucial especially when there’s a crisis.  It will prevent members from selling because of panic—and lose their money. It will encourage them to do the very opposite—buy great companies when the prices are very low.  It will also tell members when its time to sell.  The best thing is it is written in plain, simple English. No financial jargon that’s difficult to understand.

The membership will benefit me and my husband as well as my daughter.  It will help me manage our retirement fund and my daughter’s savings, which I will invest in the stock market next month.


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