My Beloved Tiny House

1 Jan

I love our tiny house, all 45.5sqm of it.  It’s almost square, 6.5 meters wide and 7 meters long.  It “boasts” of two bedrooms, a toilet & bath, a living room, kitchen and dining area.  We spent our first night here on September 24, 2011.  I will remember that day for the rest of my life.  Our home is one of the best blessings we received last year.

Two weeks after my husband arrived from a six-month work contract in South Africa, we moved in to our fourth “home” late April of 2011.  The house, several kilometers away from where we live now, was owned by a cousin who lives and work in the USA with her family.  Since getting married in 2007, we lived in a condominium unit in Makati, my mother-in-law’s house in Batangas City, and my parent’s house in Lipa City.

Packing and unpacking wasn’t fun anymore.  Especially on the third and fourth time.  Especially when we knew it wasn’t going to be the last time.  We resolved to have our own home by June 2012, when our daughter starts going to school.  We examined our finances and decided to start the construction of our house on January 2012.  We were going to use the money we diligently saved and invested for our immigration to Canada.

But things didn’t work out as planned.  It worked out better than we planned.  Inspite of some relatives’ superstitious belief that August is not a lucky month to start building a house and inspite of August being part of rainy season, construction started on the first week.  We felt positive and looked on the bright side: materials cost less during this season.  So we sold our stocks and redeemed our mutual funds, which were doing well.

Seven weeks and half a million pesos ($11,300) later, it was finished.  It wasn’t completely done (the house exterior hasn’t been painted), but livable.  Still, it was the prettiest and loveliest house I have ever laid my eyes on.  It was our home.  For the fifth time, we packed and unpacked.  Happily.


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