Small, Plain and Simple

4 Jan

The smallest things can have the greatest impact.  Overwhelmed?  Start small.  That’s the message of the saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”  When presented with a problem, we tend to over analyze.  It would do us good to remember the joke about how NASA spent a lot of money to create a pen that would work in outer space while the Russians used the pencil.  Plain and simple.

Last month, I declared that I want to be a writer.  So do I start by writing a book?  Uhm, no.  What do writers do?  They write a lot and they read a lot.  Ahh, that’s easy enough.  Reading?  Check!  I’m a certified bookworm.  Well, how about writing?  I did start writing on my journal again last November.  And last month, I started publishing short posts on my blog.

I started blogging because I wanted to share my thougths.  But I was afraid of what people would think.  So I started by sharing a post to just three people.  The next time, I shared a post with people I’m comfortable with.  After that, I shared it to all my Facebook friends.  I felt courageous enough to send sample blog entries to a local magazine two days ago.

Feeling down and lost?  In November, I wrote down positive words of affirmation and made sure that I read those everyday.  Daily, I receive Godwhispers via e-mail.  It’s a very short but always insightful personal message from God that nourishes my soul.

One thing leads to another.  Trees start from a tiny seed.  Where do we start?  We start right were we are.  How do we start?  We start by taking it one step at a time.



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