Still on Poem-writing Mode!

4 Jan

i used to be afraid
at the sound of my own voice
now, thanks to the internet
my facebook friends have no choice

but to take a look and listen
to what i have to “say”
i just hope that somehow
i brighten up their day

i spent 33 years in my shell
it has gotten too small for me
as i have gained a few kilos
and gotten a little too flabby

nowadays i wake up
at 4am, sometimes 3
so that my post is there to greet you
when you login to FB

i enjoy writing so much
hope to get published someday
so that i may leave a legacy
before i fade away

note: The magazine I wrote to send their rejection letter today.  But I still want to continue writing anyway.  I was even inspired to write the poem above. =)


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