Checking Our Household Finances

5 Jan

We’ve got a large expense coming up this February.  The Php31,000 annual premium of my daughter’s educational insurance is due on the 6th.  Next year is going to be its last.  My life insurance was fully paid in 2009.  The 5th and final annual premium of my husband’s life insurance will be due on October.  After these payments, we can breathe easily!

By August of next year, we can breathe even much better.  The outstanding balance of the lot where our tiny house is built on is down to Php200,000.  We pay Php10,000 monthly.  When we sell our other lot this year, we can breathe sooner since we will be using the proceeds to settle the loan.  We have no other debts.  Monthly credit card dues are fully paid on time.

We used to have six months worth of emergency fund.  Currently, it’s down to one month because we used it as additional funding for the construction of the house.  After selling most of our investments to fund the house, what’s left of our retirement fund are 3 shares of  stocks of Ayala Corp, 1 of SM, and 2 of SMPH, valued at Php1,500.  We really have to sell our other lot soon so that we can save money again for our retirement.

As for donations and tithing…  Well, the child we sponsor via World Vision continues to receive his Php600 monthly plus a Php1,000 Noche Buena Gift last Christmas.  It’s also our second month donating $6 to Kerygma Family.  It supports the various ministries of Bo Sanchez.  It’s a borderless online community that fosters individual personal growth, inspiring members (membership is free) to live a fantastic life.

We were no Santa Claus last Christmas.  (I’m sorry guys!  You know who you are.)  Now more than ever, the lines between needs and wants are very, very clear.  But now, more than ever, my faith and belief are stronger.  Everytime an unexpected or unplanned expense pops up, God provided!  I still felt and continue to feel the Christmas spirit!


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