5 Birthdays and More

7 Jan

Aside from Christmas, we celebrated seven other family occasions last month.  My brother, my younger sister and her husband, and my daughter and I were all born in December.  There were also a house blessing and a wedding anniversary.

For my birthday, my mother cooked lomi and my brother and his wife bought pizza.  My husband and I were planning to host an intimate family get-together to celebrate our daughter’s 3rd birthday.  But on the days leading to the event, my family and my hubby’s family started volunteering to bring some food.

In the end, what we had was a potluck party.  Hubby and I only cooked fried chicken, provided the drinks and the venue.  Our families provided the birthday cake and brought bibingkang kanin, vegetable lumpia, spaghetti, pancit, puto, and fruit salad.

Happy Birthday!

My brother celebrated his birthday a few days after the party.  His wife took time off from work and they went to church together with their toddler.  They had their wedding in the last week of December a few years ago.  My sister-in-law cooked carbonara and we came over and brought ice cream. We’re neighbors, by the way.

Less than a week later, my younger sister and her husband had their house blessed and hosted a get-together to celebrate it as well as their birthdays.  They also live in Batangas, but in another city.  My family, my parents, and my brother and his family went there.

We have another sister, the eldest.  She and her family are in another country.  I wish they were here.  Still, December 2011 was better than the previous year.  My husband was working in South Africa then and wasn’t there to celebrate birthdays and Christmas with us.  There was definitely a lot to thank for last year.


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