Childhood Home & Empty Nest

12 Jan

My parents have been married for more than 35 years.  All four children have flown from the nest.  The eldest lives in another country.  The youngest lives in another city but in the same province.  The middle children, my brother and I, didn’t fly too far away.  We’re neighbors, actually.

They keep in touch with my older sister through Magic Jack and Skype, technology’s gifts to families who are miles apart.  My sister and her daughter usually spend a couple of weeks here in the Philippines every summer, except for last year.  So it was my parents who went to visit them instead.  They left in October and stayed there for six weeks.  My younger sister and her family come over almost every month.

I love my childhood home.  It was my sanctuary.  It was a place I look forward to go home to every weekend even when I was already working.  Classmates, friends, and eventually, colleagues, were always welcome.  My parents really made an effort to get to know the other important people in our lives.  They know our friends from school and from work.

I was the last one to give up my room in the house.  Last September, I took all my belongings when we moved in to our very own home, which is just a stone’s throw away from theirs.  I’m sure they were glad to see me go.  Ha ha!  Seriously, I think they were glad that we chose to live nearby.  This way, they get to see another grandchild often.

I  hope that my husband and I also succeed in making our house a home for our daughter.  I hope that she will feel about it the same way I feel about my childhood home,  a safe haven.  When she leaves and has a family of her own, I hope that thoughts of the home we provided her bring warm, happy feelings and pleasant memories.


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