We Could Have Lived Here

14 Jan

We went to the Malvar Municipal Hall yesterday to get our property’s Tax Declaration and to pay real estate taxes for the current year.  By we, I mean my hubby, our daughter and I.  Hubby and I had never hired a babysitter ever since she was born.  We take her with us everywhere.  Malvar is a municipality north of Lipa City, where we now live.  The property I’m referring to is a 100sqm residential lot at Hillcrest Subdivision.

Lot 4, Block 7, Bunker Hill St., Hillcrest Subd., Malvar, Bats.

It was at a pre-selling stage when I bought it.  The whole subdivision property was just a huge vacant lot and no development has started yet.  The features that were promised were delivered:

  • All concrete roads
  • Concrete curbs and gutters
  • Underground drainage system
  • Concrete side walks
  • Centralized water system
  • Concrete catch-basins and manholes
  • Concrete perimeter fence
  • Electrical facility

We work from home but report to the office from time to time to submit and/or get documents.  We both work for my family’s business and its office is located in front, as an extension, of my parents’ house.  Also, my hubby goes to Batangas City and Manila every now and then for work-related matters, leaving me and my daughter home alone.  For proximity, ease and a whole lot of other reasons, we built our house near my parents instead of at Hillcrest Subdivision.  We are putting the property up for sale and will use the proceeds to settle the loan on the property we now live in.  I’m looking forward to becoming debt-free again!


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