Find Your Passion: How To’s

15 Jan

Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first.  Ask questions, then feel the answer.  Learn to trust your heart.

Let me share with you a guide, a questionnaire, and an ebook that might help you find your passion.

The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion – this guide is from Zen Habits, one of the Top 25 blogs and Top 50 websites in the world, with about 230,000 readers, and is uncopyrighted.  This will not be a comprehensive guide nor will it find your passion for you.  But it will help you in your journey to find it by doing the 10 steps, which require “a lot of reflection and soul-searching, then a lot of courage and learning and experimentation, and finally a lot of commitment.

Stuck?  25 Questions That Will Help You Find and Follow Your Passion – Henri of Wake Up Cloud compiled some of the questions he asks coaching clients, friends, and anyone who needs help finding and following their passion.  Grab a pen and a blank sheet of paper and write down the answers to each question.  He says: “This is a heavy article, because if you’ve gone through and written down the answers, you’ll have discovered things about yourself that you didn’t know about.”

How to Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams – you can download this free eBook by subscribing to  It will help “sharpen your focus on what you really want in life and what God wants for your life. When you’re at peace with your dreams, powerful things will happen in your life. You’ll reach real happiness and true abundance more quickly.”  When you subscribe, you will also receive The Bo Sanchez Soulfood Letter every week “to inspire you, encourage you, and lift you up!”

Happy Sunday!


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