Catholic Filipino Academy: Homeschool Provider

19 Jan

Here are some basic information, gathered from their website, about Catholic Filipino Academy or CFA.   CFA is the homeschool provider that I chose for my daughter.

Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA)

The Catholic Filipino Academy was started by Bo Sanchez to help parents who wish to teach to their children at home.  One of the main reasons they put up their own Homeschool Program is because they wanted a Catholic Program.  They wanted CFA to provide children with a Catholic environment.  They wanted their activities to be always God-centered and values-driven.  They wanted CFA to provide children with, what they believe, are the best local Catholic textbooks.  And they wanted to help children receive the Sacraments—their first Confession and first Holy Communion.

(click here to watch Bo’s Homeschooling Orientation Video)

10 Core Principles of Homeschooling

1.    Follow Your Child’s Passions
2.    Follow Your Child’s Learning Style
3.    Follow your Child’s Learning Pace Per Subject
4.    Never Use Fear & Punishments As Motivation
5.    Use Tests And Grades As Tools For Gauging Mastery, not as Tools to Label and Terrorize your Child
6.    Nurture A Great Love For Reading
7.    Make Ordinary Life Events As Your Classroom
8.    Make Work And Service Essential To Your Child’s Education
9.    Build Your Family Relationship (The Greatest Reward!)
10.    Personally Share Your Faith and Values With Your Child

(click here to read details of each core principle)

16 Blessings of CFA

1.    You Get The Quick Start Training Program (QS)
2.    You Identify Your Child’s Learning Style
3.    You Define Your Child’s Passions
4.    You Discover Your Child’s Reading Type
5.    You Choose The “Building Blocks”
6.    You Use The CFA Standard Lesson Plans (SLP)
7.    You Get The Best Local Textbooks
8.    You Get Guidance from a Parent Coach
9.    You Get The CFA Support Groups
10.    You get CFA Newsletter Each Month
11.    Your child gets to join Catholic Activities & receive The Sacraments
12.    You get to join our CFA Parent-Kids Camp
13.    You get to join Parenting Enrichment Seminars
14.    Your child gets to join CFA Clubs
15.    Your child gets School ID, Report Card, and Diploma
16.    Your child gets Special Awards on “Moving Up” Day

(click here to read details of each blessing)

Two Tracks – two ways to do homeschooling.

  • Track 1 is regular or guided homeschooling (Automatic Dep-Ed Accreditation) and is recommended to those who are homeschooling for the first time.
  • Track 2 is unschooling or unguided homeschooling (Independent Dep-Ed Accreditation).  If the parent/s wish/es to get an accreditation from the Department of Education for the school year (CFA highly recommends this), their child/ren can take a validation exam at the end of the school year at the Department of Education in Pasig City.

(click here to read more about the tracks)

Program Levels

Currently, CFA accepts only Preschool and Grade School levels—specifically, Kindergarten, Prep, Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  They also have a Special Nursery Program (for kids aged 3 1/2 and above), which is not a regular school level and is not De-pEd accredited.


(click here to view tuition and other fees)


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