My 3y/o Daughter is Now a Stock Investor

20 Jan

Here’s the timeline:

January 17

  • At 1:23pm, we sent the necessary forms and copies of IDs and billing statement to CitisecOnline thru a courier.

January 19

  • At 11:06am, I received a call from Citiseconline.  The Customer Account Officer explained that since my daughter is a minor, the account is an In Trust For (ITF) account instead of a Joint Account.  When she turns 18, we have an option to request for a change to a Joint or an Individual Account.  She then asked me which funding option I choose.
  • At 11:17am, I got an e-mail from the officer containing my reference number and detailed instructions on how to fund the account using BPI ExpressOnline.
  1. Log into your BPI ExpressOnline account by going to the web address: and entering your BPI User ID and password.
You must enroll “CitisecOnline” as a participating merchant by following the dropdown menu “Payments & Reloading” ‘ “Check Free Payments” ‘ “Enroll all other Bills”.
  3. Fill up the ‘Enrollment of Bills’ form by placing your BPI account number, a joint account indicator then under ‘Bill Information’ choose CITISECONLINE.COM INC. (COL) as the enrollee merchant followed by your CitisecOnline account number (8-digit code username) on the following space. (Please double check to make sure it is your account number that you use). Click on “Submit” to acknowledge the request.
  4. Once your CitisecOnline account is enrolled you can proceed to remitting money to us by again by following the dropdown menu “Payments & Reloading” ‘ “Check Free Payments” ‘ “Pay Bills Today”.
  5. Under “Check Free Payments”, choose your CitisecOnline Account under the option to pay and then enter the amount you wish to transfer/pay then identify your BPI account from where payment will come from. Click ‘Submit’ once again when you are done. Your order to remit will then commence. Effective September 14, 2009, the P10.00 pass on charge will be waived by COL and should pose no cost to you to make a transfer.
  6. For quick monitoring please fax or send us a copy of the transfer notice to speed up processing. You can fax confirmations to CitisecOnline Accounting at (632) 634-6958 or you can send an email notice to
  • At 11:29am, I forwarded the e-mail confirmation of the bills payment transaction to the officer.
  • At 11:32am, I got an e-mail from the officer telling me to expect my log in details within the day.  The e-mail also contains:
  1. A link to the COL EIP virtual walkthrough.  Their website’s FAQs section under HOME>FAQs>COL Easy Investment Program FAQs contains more details on EIP.
  2. A link on youtube on how to buy and sell online.
  3. A link to the online web seminar “BASIC STOCK MARKET INVESTING WITH THE COL EASY INVESTMENT PROGRAM”.  It’s a soft launch of the first COL online investment seminar that includes the topics: Finding Your Financial Goal, The Value of Savings, Introduction to Investing, What is the Stock Market, The Investment Method of Peso Cost Averaging, CitisecOnline and the COL Easy Investment Program
  4. A summary of April Lee-Tan’s Stock Picks for 2011 presented in a table: company name, current price, strong buy at, and target price.  (STRONG BUYS are values considered to be fundamentally cheap given the prospects of the industry and of the company.)
  • At 2:25pm, I got an e-mail from the CitisecOnline Helpdesk informing me of my user name and initial password.  It also instructed me to change the password immediately after logging in by selecting: HOME -> Change Profile-> click Edit on the Password field.
  • At 2:36pm, I got another e-mail from the helpdesk acknowledging receipt of my deposit.

January 20

We start buying stocks today!  I got this from CitisecOnline’s website:

Trading Hours are scheduled between Monday to Friday, with the following timetable:

Php Time Action Period
9:00 am Pre-open Period
No matching of Orders can occur during this period, but you can enter, modify, or cancel Orders
9:15 am – 9:30 am Pre-Open No-Cancel Period
You are allowed to enter Orders but cannot cancel or modify Orders during this period
9:30 am Opening Period
The period when the Opening Price for all Securities is calculated. For a short moment the Order book is frozen until calculations of the opening price is completed
9:30 am – 12:00 nn Continuous Trading
A period when Orders are automatically matched at the Best Price in accordance with the Revised Trading Rules. Odd-lots can only be traded and modified during this period
12:00 nn – 1:30 pm Market Recess
1:30 pm Market Resumes
3:17 pm – 3:20 pm Pre-Close Auction Period
Matching of prices are halted for 3 minutes. And just like your Pre-Open period, you can enter, modify or cancel Orders
3:20 pm – 3:30 pm Run-Off/Trading-At-Last .
You can only enter Buy or Sell Orders at the Closing Price
3:30 pm Market Close

6 Responses to “My 3y/o Daughter is Now a Stock Investor”

  1. ara January 20, 2012 at 7:42 am #

    Ayos! Maybe we should open an account for Miguel, too. He has accumulated quite a bit of cash already – Christmas aginaldos and cash gifts from his christening and birthdays. It’s nice to know that COL accounts can now be enrolled in EOL. That was the main reason I opted to use BPI Trade instead (way back 2007) because it was easier to fund. =)

    • Laila January 20, 2012 at 10:23 am #

      go for it! (don’t you notice? we’re becoming each other’s one-woman cheering squad. ha ha!)
      finally able to use the info from TRC’s stock update. baba lang ng interest sa bangko. sayang naman savings ng anak ko.
      true. they made it very easy and convenient to fund COL accounts. =)

  2. Momayes January 20, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    hi there mommy! this is a good idea. my son has sa junior savings account. paano ba bumile ng stocks? thanks.

    • Laila January 20, 2012 at 11:57 am #

      hi, momayes! you can check the how-to’s at under “investing & ordering”.
      on deciding what stocks to buy? you can do what my brother does. he studies and learns the stock market by himself and make his own decisions based on the information he gathered. or you can do what mommy ara and i did. we joined truly rich club. it issues stock updates which contains stock recommendations. =)

  3. Organized Junkie January 23, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

    I have no knowledge whatsoever in stocks but planning for your child’s future is always a great idea, however you do it. More power to you and I hope some day I could learn what you’re doing =)

    • Laila January 24, 2012 at 4:31 am #

      hi, organized junkie! thanks! =)

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