Notes on Truly Rich Club’s Power Talk: Create Your Wealth Beliefs

23 Jan

Note:  This is the second installment on Truly Rich Club’s PowerTalks

Create Your Wealth Beliefs: How to Form Habits of Thought and Action

Brother Bo spoke to Julie of Julie’s Bakeshop, which has 500 branches, during her 75th birthday celebration at home.  When asked what is the secret to her success, she told him: “Everything I need comes to me.”

That is an example of a wealth belief.

Wealth beliefs are beliefs that bring abundance and blessings to a person’s life.  The beliefs that the people you need, the wisdom and knowledge that are necessary, and the money or capital required to become wealthy will come to you.


  • Genesis 15:5 (Conversation between God and Abraham)  He took him outside and said, “Look up at the heavens and count the stars – if indeed you can count them.”  Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”
  • Mark 11:23  I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, “Go, throw yourself into the sea .” and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.
  • Proverbs 23:7  For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.


Question:  How many of you know of someone who says “I will exercise starting today.” but nothing really happened?  How many of you is that person?

Brother Bo then related a story by John Maxwell how during the month of January, the gym are full.  But by the end of the month or the following month, not so many people go the the gym anymore.


Question:  Do want to know why nothing happens to some decisions and desires in our life?

Answer:  Because our habits are a thousand times more powerful than our decisions or our desires.


Two kinds of habits

  1. Habits of actionexample: brushing your teeth, taking a bath, tying your shoes
  2. Habits of thought – another word or term is “beliefs

Habits of thought or beliefs are in your unconscious mind while decisions and desires are in your conscious mind.

The human brain has 100 billion neurons.  All the telephone networks in the world, when put together, cannot compare to one neuron of the brain.  The brain processes 10 quadrillion operations in one second.

Brother Bo repeats a set of 16 numbers 3 times.  You can’t remember the set of numbers because it does not mean anything to you.  This shows the limitation of conscious mind.

The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

Right now, 10 million cells in our bodies die per second.  But 10 million cells are created per second also.  The unconscious mind is the one that manages this operation.  The unconscious mind doesn’t forget.

It is not yet known what the limits of the human brain are.  You can achieve anything if you understand the power of the human brain.  The table below compares the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Brain mass:                             17% conscious           83% unconscious
Speed of impulse:                120-140mph              100k mph
Bits processed:                      2000                           400 billion
Control of perception:       2-4%                            96-98%


Brother Bo said that when he meets a loving person, everything in that person is automatic.  That person has habits of love and does not even have think about it.  That person has habits of thought and habits of action about love.

When he meets a wealthy person, same thing.  That person grows his wealth automatically because he has habits of thought and habits of action of a rich person.

The solution then to our financial problems is to create new beliefs or habits of thought.


By the time a person reaches 17 years old, he had been told “You cannot do that.”  150,000 times.  This causes the unconscious mind to adopt a habit of thought or belief that indeed “He cannot do that.”

Knowing this, Brother Bo made a decision that when he becomes a father, he will give his child the messages “You can do it” and “I believe in you.”  He told parents that one of the greatest gifts that you can give your children is to believe in them.  Because if you believe in them, they will believe in themselves too.  Your kids are limited by your own limitations.  Because when they are young, they don’t have limitations yet.

He can now see how giving the messages “You can do it” and “I believe in you.” affected his son.  For example, he suggested to his son, who enjoys playing computer games (Brother Bo allows him 30 minutes a day), why don’t you create your own computer game?  His son’s reply was “Why not.”  Then he saw how his son proceeded to create his own computer game by writing down rules and rewards, etc.  For him, it doesn’t matter if his son actually created a computer game or not.  What matters is that his son believes in what he’s doing and is having fun.  His son also hosts a kids’ show.  At the suggestion of the show’s director, Brother Bo asked his son if he wants to host and his son said “Sure.” without batting an eyelash.

That was the result of being able from the very start put into the unconscious mind that you can do it and believing it in your heart.

The most important role of parent is not to correct their children’s mistakes but to believe in them and let them believe in themselves.  Don’t pressure them to do things.  That will take the fun out of it.  Fun is the factor of success.  Preaching for Brother Bo is fun that’s why he’s successful at it.  He further said to let them discover what is fun for them and let them go.

Habits of thought and belief are formed in the very beginning of childhood.


Setting your goals is an activity of your conscious mind.
Achieving your goals is an activity of your unconscious mind.

The reason why we’re not successful is NOT because of some external factor.  The reason why we’re not successful is because of our beliefs.  That why we have to change our habits of thought or beliefs.

Analogy when creating new habits of thought or beliefs:

Imagine going to a forest and you’re carrying a bolo.  When you first go through the forest, you have to create a path.  Using the bolo, it is difficult cut through the foliage.  On your second time, it not as hard anymore.  On the third time, it is going to be easier.  On the 10th time, you may not need a bolo anymore.

How long does it take to create new habits of thought or beliefs? 30 Days. 

There was this experiment done in NASA.  Astronauts were asked to wear special goggles that flips the field of vision. Astronauts see things upside down.  On the 26th day, one astronaut said that his vision normalized.  Even if he was wearing the goggles, he sees everything right side up.  His brain adjusted.  By the 30th day, all the astronauts have normal vision.

But it has to be done consistently.  If the goggles where removed during the 30 days, the astronauts did not adjust their vision on the 30th day.

4 Steps to Rewire Your Beliefs

  1. Write a clear Vision (dreams and goals) and your Emotional Why
  2. Write new Beliefs that support the Vision
  3. Three times a day, imagine your Vision and declare your beliefs (two keys: Repetition and Feeling)
  4. Make “Vision Reminders” so that you’ll see them, hear them, and touch them daily.


To give the audience an idea of how wealth beliefs look like, Brother Bo recited his own wealth beliefs as well as that of a wealthy man’s.  The Declaration of Wealth prayer that he sent to Truly Rich Club members last month is an example of wealth beliefs. (check my post “How I Became an Optimist” to see the prayer )

He shared that he himself was able to change his beliefs from poverty to wealth beliefs.  He used to have poverty beliefs.  He grew up thinking that God does not want rich people.  He grew up in a poor family who do not have wealth beliefs.

He read his wealth beliefs not only every morning but also every once in a while.  He declares them.

Create your own wealth beliefs.  Declare: “I’m God’s beloved and it is His great happiness to bless me.”


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