Notes on Truly Rich Club’s PowerTalk: Create Money Machines

25 Jan

Note:  This is the fourth and last installment on Truly Rich Club’s PowerTalks

Create Money Machines:  First in your mind, then in reality

Opening Song:

Thy word is a lamp upon my feet
and a light unto my path


  • Proverbs 10:11  It is the Lord’s blessing that makes you wealthy.
  • Proverbs 27:23  Be sure you know the condition of your flocks; give careful attention to your herds.


According to Brother Bo’s friend Rex Mendoza, there are two stages in a person’s financial life:

  • Stage 1:  Man works for money
  • Stage 2:  Money works for man

He urged the people in his audience to tell the person beside them: “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to stage two.”  Amen.

He then proceeded to tell the story of Gil Ramiscal, the president of Shepherd’s Voice.  Shepherd’s Voice is a media group founded by Brother Bo.  It sells 75 million pesos worth of books & magazines and has 35 employees.  Gil doesn’t get paid for his job as president because he’s in stage 2.  He has money machines that produces money for him and he does not need a salary.  He serves the Lord and says he does not need a salary because he’s got money that works for him.  His needs are provided for by his money machines.

Question:  Would you like to be in his position?  To serve God or give your full time to a ministry because your needs are provided for by money machines?

Brother Bo said you might be wondering why a preacher is talking about money.  The purpose is not just to become wealthy.  The purpose is not just to enrich yourself, live in a luxury house or drive a BMW.  The purpose is to serve God with your money

Story (like an Aesop’s fable that Brother Bo changed a bit)

One day, there was a huge alien ship that went to planet earth.  The aliens felt so much pity for the poor people who lived on planet earth.  They decided to help by leaving behind a very special chicken.  They chose one poor farmer called Mang Pong.

The following day, Mang Pong saw this strange, weird, feathered creature.  It was extra large and has golden wings.  When the chicken stood up, he saw one egg.  But it was no ordinary egg.  It glimmered under the bright sun.  It was a golden egg.

He was so happy, he ran to town and sold the egg.  He bought clothes, food, and furniture for his house.  The next day, the same thing happened.  This time, he bought an iPod, laptop, 60-inch plasma TV, and a jacuzzi.  This happened for the following days and Mang Pong bought more stuff.

After the 10th day, Mang Pong had a huge problem.  His problem was that the chicken lays only one egg a day.  He wanted more money because he wants to buy a helicopter and have a helipad built.  You see, he was not very bright.  He had an idea.  He brought the chicken to his kitchen and cut it open.  Of course, the chicken dead.  Mang Pong cried.  Eventually, he had to sell his iPod, laptop, 60-inch plasma TV, and a jacuzzi and all the other stuff he bought.  After one year, he was back to being poor.

One day, when we was in town, he met a man.  The man thanked Mang Pong.  He said:  “Do you remember the time you sold me a golden egg?  It hatched.  I put it under an incubator.  It now lays eggs everyday.”  Mang Pong realized that he should have kept the eggs because then, he would have had more chicken that lays golden eggs.

The alien ship returned to find out what happened.  The aliens were happy that some people became rich.

Lesson of the story:  The rich are those who kept the chicken that lays eggs.


Filipinos are poor because they have a love affair with the golden egg and not with the chicken that lays them.  We don’t understand that money machines are more important than the money.

When you’re praying for a car and then you get to have money to buy a car, you have another problem.  You need more money.  Money for registration, money for gas, money for change oil, money for new tires, and money for battery replacement.

Do not pray for a house or a car.  Pray for a money machine to produce money to buy a house and a car.  Because it’s not the money that makes you wealthy, it’s the money machine that does.  “Money without a money machine is not a blessing.”  Why?  Because money buys stuff that needs more money to maintain.

If God asks you what you want, money or money machine?  Choose money machine.  The golden egg that was taken good care of become a chicken that produced more golden eggs.  It’s the same with money, if you care of it, it becomes a money machine.

2 Elements of Financial Wealth

Financial wealth isn’t jewelry, house, car, cash, or property.  It’s:

  1. The mindset to create money
  2. The ability to make money.

Hypothetical situation:  Imagine if all the wealth in the world are gathered from every human being, and then distributed equally to each human being.  After 5 years, all the money will go back to the very same people who had the money 5 years ago.  Why?  Because they are the people who have elements 1 and 2.

Remember CARP?  It’s a dismal failure.  The land of huge land owners are divided and distributed to tenants and farmers.  But the tenants and farmers eventually sell it back to the owners because they don’t have elements 1 and 2.

You can’t help people by giving them money.  You have to help them have the mindset to create money and the ability to make money.  More specifically, the ability to create money machines.  We cannot just own money because money without a money machine is not a blessing but a burden.

2 Kinds of Money Machines

1.  Manual Money Machine – where people exchange their time for money.  Example:

a.  A job or being an employee
b.  Self-employment (doctors, lawyers, freelance accountants)

2.  Automatic Money Machine

a. Paper Assets – investment in bonds, mutual funds, and the stock market

The first time he learned about mutual funds and invested in it were 5 years ago.  He invested his savings of 300,000 pesos.  It was all the money he had at that time and which he had saved for a very long time.  It just so happened that he received a statement of account the day before this talk and found out that the current value 500,000 pesos.

Money doesn’t get tired, complain or take a vacation.  As in the case of paper assets, you just leave it in there and it makes more money.

b. Business

c.  Property

Brother Bo and his partner bought a condo unit for 1 million pesos.  It was bank-foreclosed property.  They didn’t actually pay 1 million, they only made a 20% down payment.  He borrowed the money from his mother-in-law, with interest.

They fixed it up a little and after 6 months, sold it as rent-to-own, 20 years to pay.  He gets the money from his rental income to pay the bank.  After the paying the bank, he still has 10,000 pesos left.  For two years, he uses the 10,000 pesos to pay his mother-in-law.  He gets the 10,000 every month thereafter.

People say to him that it’s a little bit confusing and complicated.  That they don’t know anything about bonds, mutual funds, and the stock market or about properties and businesses.

That’s why he’s passionate to teach people, to write books and give seminars to increase their financial wisdom.  Because unless you have the mindset to create money and the ability to make money, it will be very difficult to get over you financial problems.

After preaching, people often approach and ask him to pray for their financial needs like money to pay for tuition fees, settle hospital bills, or buy their own house.  When people come to him to pray for their financial needs, he knows that the solution is to have money machines.  That’s why you need to increase your financial wisdom.  Start with a manual money machine then later with automatic money machines.


Another story.

Nanay is an 82-year-old woman Brother Bo met several years ago.  He included her in his book 40 Stories of Passion.  She was a market vendor most of her life.  She sold clothes and food on a 4-foot x 4-foot table.  During the Japanese war, she would sell whatever people needed.  They were poor and selling was the way she knew how to feed her family.

She was also someone who lives simply and knew how to use money.  She was the type who when her children asks for 90 centavos to buy school supplies for school, she would ask for the 10-centavo change when they go home.  She would save it.  For years, she saved and saved.

Because of the savings, they were able to buy a second-hand jeep and used it as a school service, bringing children to school.  She continued selling in the market on the small table, lived simply and kept on saving.

After a while, they saw a little property and talked to the owner.  He offered them the property.  They didn’t have money but the owner was willing to sell the property on installment or on a pay-when-able term.  They saved money from their income from the market and the jeep and started paying for the property.

When they have extra money, the husband will build one apartment.  He would do everything.  He was the contractor, carpenter, and architect.  When they have more money, they build more apartments.

She’s no longer a market vendor.  The have 70 apartments now.  She created 70 money machines.


Final Words:

Broher & sisters, God wants to provide for your every need.  But you need that mindset to create money and that ability to make money.


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  1. she January 25, 2012 at 6:45 am #

    This is a good entry. Thanks for sharing sis,, 🙂

    • Laila January 25, 2012 at 7:12 am #

      you’re welcome, she! thanks also for taking time to read it. =)

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