“Everything I Need Comes to Me” Moments

26 Jan

Just this Sunday, I watched The Feast online.  It was my first time to watch The Feast, the weekly prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus (LOJ) Family, where there’s mass, worship and talk.

I enjoyed the talk immensely.  It was an “Everything I need comes to me” moment that I have been experiencing a lot of lately.  It was very encouraging and inspiring because it kind of validates the personal writing project (writing a book) that I have just started.

The topic at the talk was “Practice.”  It was exactly what I needed to hear. It was part 3 of a 4-part series of talks.  The past two talks were about “Purpose” and “Plan.”  Part 4 is going to be about “Produce.”  I took down notes.  Here they are:

Part 3: Practice

Identifying your purpose and making a plan are good, but it’s important to put them into practice, i.e. to execute.  Because the key to success is Execution.  The 3 Principles of Execution are:

  1. Just start.  Don’t wait for the perfect condition.  Intentions don’t count, execution does.
  2. Start small.  Brother Bo’s first book was a failure.  But he continued writing books, eventually became a best-selling author and will be releasing his 26th book soon.  Try to catch small fish before trying to catch big fish.
  3. When you fail, don’t give up.  Start again.

Do not aim for perfect execution.  Instead, aim for persistent execution.  Like what Steve Jobs said “Real artists ship.”  At the last part of the talk, Brother Bo shared a realization he made while taking a walk at a cemetery.  He said that underneath the tombs were not just remains of the people buried there. Buried under were also dreams that were never achieved, books that were never written, projects that were never started.


The last part put tears to my eyes.  It was heart-breaking and gut-wrenching for me to hear that.  Because I definitely don’t want to die like that.  I don’t want to be buried with unfulfilled dreams.  I don’t.

I was planning to watch the previous talks (past recordings are posted at The Feast website) about Plan and Purpose before Sunday comes.  But then, here was another “Everything I need comes to me” moment.

Last Monday, the Soulfood Letter e-mail I received from BoSanchez.ph was entitled Take The 30-day Challenge (which was also posted in his blog).  Stated in it was:

“To experience a spiritual overhaul, you need four important elements: Purpose, Plan, Practice, and Produce. In the next four weeks, we’ll discuss each of these crucial elements.”

You see, I’m the type of person who learn things better through reading as compared to watching or listening.   That’s why I took down notes on the PowerTalks (which I shared, see posts from Jan 21-25, 2012).  I prefer re-reading my notes rather than listening to the mp3 format or watching the flv format of the talks again.  I will still watch the next talk though.  I’m just so happy that I don’t have to take down notes. I will just wait for the next Soulfood Letters to come.  I also don’t need to watch the previous talks anymore.

By the way, the letter was entitled Take The 30-Day Challenge because:

“In our 4-part teaching series entitled Overhaul, you’ll receive one of the most potent tools that you can use to change any habit or behavior in your life. The tool is called the 30-Day Challenge.

Some people always achieve their dreams, while some people never achieve their dreams.


It’s habits. Success and failure aren’t actions. They’re habits.”

In the letter, the 7 rules of the 30-Day Challenge were enumerated and explained.  The second rule of forming a habit was “Aim for 30 days.”  Another validation.  I have passed the 30-day mark in terms of blogging.  I started Dec. 15, 2011.  The day I received the Soulfood Letter was the 30th time that I wrote on my personal journal a minimum of 2,000 words.  That’s everyday, from December 25 to January 23, without fail.

I only started working on my book daily at dawn since January 22, the day I watched The Feast.  I finished the cover (the easiest. ha ha!) dedication, and preface last Sunday.  On Monday, I wrote the introduction.  The following day, I wrote a draft on one topic/chapter and read and researched for another topic/chapter.  Yesterday, I worked on the book again.  26 more days and writing something for the book will become a habit.  This makes me positive that I will meet the April 15, 2012 deadline I set for myself.  =)


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