“How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Things”

28 Jan

One of the three Ebooks given to new members of the Truly Rich Club upon sign-up.

Big Blessing #7:
You’ll Receive My inspiring Ebook,
“How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Things”
Use The Law Of The Harvest
To Fulfill The Desires Of Your Heart
From Reaching Your Dreams
Also, Absolutely FREE!

My friends who read this book say there’s something special about it.  Hey, I believe them.

One of the most difficult things to overcome in our lives is a scarcity mentality.  That there’s a limited amount of blessings in the world.

In this book, you’ll be delivered from this mental prison.  You’ll meet again the God of abundance, not the God of scarcity.

And I don’t believe in luck.  I believe in blessing.

Luck is based on chance.  But blessing is 100% sure.

What people define as luck, I define as getting ready to be blessed.

My belief is simple: When the soul is ready, the blessing will appear.

Right now, you’re swimming in an ocean of blessings.  You don’t see this ocean, but it’s there all around you.

If you lack blessings, it simply means you lack readiness to receive the blessings.  There’s no shortage of blessings.  There’s only a shortage of your readiness.

I know you’ll be very inspired by this book.

It’ll empower you to change your life!

Once you subscribe to the TrulyRichClub, I’ll email to you your FREE Ebook, How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Things.  Enjoy this book and be blessed!

Here’s what you’ll find inside this book:

Table of Contents

  • Foreword: A Fable With Two Endings
  • Chapter One: The Operating System of the Universe
  • Chapter Two: How To Have A Breakthrough
  • Chapter Three: Quit Often To Succeed In Life
  • Chapter Four: How To Be A Superstar
  • Chapter Five: How To Enjoy Heaven On Earth
  • Chapter Six: Are You A Giver Or A Taker?
  • Chapter Seven: The Embrace Of Heaven
  • Chapter Eight: The Greatest Reward Of Giving
  • Chapter Nine: The Best Investment In The World
  • Chapter Ten: The Life Of Abundance
  • Chapter Eleven: Want More Miracles?
  • Chapter Twelve: My Highest Award
  • Epilogue: A Simple Strategy

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