“Consider This!” – 33 Topics/Chapters

30 Jan

Be careful to leave your sons well instructed rather than rich,
for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant.
– Epictetus

Note: Status Update of Project Three

I am so obsessed with the number three right now.  I just had to divide the 33 guidelines equally among the 3 categories.  So far, here’s what I got.

A.  Family & Home

  1. On Being Part of a Family
  2. On Marriage
  3. On Being a Wife
  4. On Motherhood and Parenting
  5. On Breastfeeding
  6. On Homeschooling
  7. On Providing A Home
  8. On Housekeeping: Organizing
  9. On Housekeeping: De-cluttering
  10. On Spending Time Together
  11. On Spending Time Apart (Being Your Own Person)

B.  Life in General

  1. Believe in God
  2. Accept and Embrace Who You Are
  3. Take Responsibility for Your Life
  4. Relating to Other People
  5. Write your Dreams and Goals
  6. Keep a Journal
  7. Read a Lot of Useful and Meaningful Materials
  8. Focus on What Really Matters
  9. Plan Less, Act More
  10. Invest in Yourself
  11. Make the Internet a Useful Tool, Not Just a Way To Pass the Time

C.  Personal Finances

  1. Live Simply No Matter How Much You Earn
  2. Create Wealth Beliefs
  3. Find Your Passion and Make a Living Out of It
  4. Save for Big Purchases, Avoid Getting Into Debt As Much as Possible
  5. Pay Your Bills and Debts on Time
  6. Tithe and Donate
  7. Establish a Retirement Fund
  8. Build an Emergency Fund
  9. Buy Insurance
  10. Use Credit Card Wisely
  11. Earn Passive Income Through Stocks & Mutual Funds

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