Truly Rich Club’s GodWhispers

30 Jan

 is among the 11 blessings or benefits that I receive as a member of the Truly Rich Club.

1.    Receive 2 PowerTalks every month (instant access via MP3)
2.    Receive Bo’s Success Mentors Collection (1 every 3 months for 1 Year)–FREE
3.    Receive 2 WealthStrategies newsletters every month–FREE
4.    Receive Daily GodWhispers Email–FREE
5.    Receive How To Be Truly Rich Seminar–FREE
6.    Receive How To Conquer Your Goliath Ebook–FREE
7.    Receive How To Turn Thoughts Into Things Ebook–FREE
8.    Earn Passive Income by being Bo’s Affiliate in the TrulyRichClub
9.    Earn Passive Income with Bo’s other Internet Work
10.    Receive My Very Practical Ebook, My Maid Invests In The Stock Market…And Why You Should Too.–FREE
11.    Receive My Stocks Update. –FREE

(click here to know more about each blessing)

What is a GodWhisper?  Bo says:

“This is so good, I’m betting this will be the favorite feature of being a TrulyRich Gold Member. I call it GodWhisper.  Every day, I’ll email you a very short, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always insightful personal message from God to you.  It will be a treat for your soul.  I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to these GodWhispers.  For some people, I bet this alone is already worth their Gold Membership!”

Note written under each GodWhisper:

Important Note: We do not claim Divine Authorship for the messages in GodWhispers. Please don’t take them literally. Read GodWhispers as an art work, reflecting Bo’s personal experience with God. Like anything else, it’s not for everybody. Thousands love GodWhispers because they say it helps them grow in their relationship with God. But if it doesn’t help you, or worse, offends you, we sincerely apologize. You may unsubscribe anytime. We thank you for trying us out. Blessings!

Compilations of God Whispers:

I will compile God Whispers and post them here on my blog in the next 7 days:

  • God Whispers: November 21-30, 2011
  • God Whispers: December 1-10, 2011
  • God Whispers: December 11-20, 2011
  • God Whispers: December 21-31, 2011
  • God Whispers: January 1-10, 2012
  • God Whispers: January 11-20, 2012
  • God Whispers: January 21-31, 2012

GodWhispers from November 17-19, 2011

November 17, 2011
Dear ,

Perhaps you’ve failed in your business. Perhaps people have rejected you. Perhaps you’ve been booted out of your job. So now you’re afraid of being rejected again. My word to you? Do it afraid.

Cheering you on,

P.S. , trust Me and go out and try again. Believe that I have something great in store for you.

November 18, 2011
Dear ,

Sometimes it takes a while before My answer to your prayers come. It’s not because I don’t want to bless you right away. Sometimes it’s because I’m giving you something more than what you are asking for. I teach you patience. Or trust. Or unwavering faith.

Committed to you,

P.S. , oftentimes, what I teach you is more valuable than what you are asking for.

November 19, 2011
Dear ,

Nature abhors a vacuum. Whenever there is empty space, it will soon be filled. So rejoice when you have a lack or need in your life. It only means you have more room to receive My new blessings.

Your Provider,

P.S. , you cannot imagine the immeasurable store of riches I have. Your greatest need is nothing compared to what I can bless you with!



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