Book-writing Routine, Rules, Reminders and Schedule

2 Feb

I am writing and working everyday on my book but I feel like I’m not really going anywhere.  I am trying out a different approach.  I started this morning.

Morning Routine


  • wake up, brush teeth, wash face, drink water and take a pinch of salt
  • turn modem and router on, turn computer on
  • check e-mail
  • write and publish blog post (for the rest of the week, I will no longer publicize it, i.e. no posting of links to FB, Twitter, SP forum, FN Girltalk forum)
  • turn modem and router off

4:30am – alternate between

  • freewrite a topic or a chapter
  • edit/revise to create first draft

Book-writing Rules and Reminders

  • It’s my book.  My rules.
  • It’s my personal manifesto.  Keyword: personal.
  • It’s for my daughter.  I will write as if I’m talking to her, as if I’m having a one-sided conversation.
  • Start with “Dear Lorin” and end with “Love, Mommy”.
  • Freewrite for 1 hour.
  • Edit/revise to create first draft for 1 hour.
  • About 1,000 words per topic or chapter.
  • Turn modem and router off when writing.

Book-writing Schedule

  • February 2 to April 7 (66 days) – freewriting and editing/revising alternately on the 33 topics or chapters
  • April 8 – proofread chapters 1-6
  • April 9 – proofread chapters 7-12
  • April 10 – proofread chapters 13-18
  • April 11 – proofread chapters 19-24
  • April 12 – proofread chapters 25-30
  • April 13 – proofread chapters 31-33, Dedication, Preface, Introduction
  • April 14 – create TOC and convert file to PDF
  • April 15 – post to blog

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