To Anyone Who Wants to Become Fearless

10 Feb

I’m currently reading a FREE eBook called The Flinch by Julien Smith.  It was recommended by Jeff Goins whose blog called Goinswriter I follow.

I recommend the book to anyone who wants to cast away the fear that has been residing in his mind and heart for far too long.

You can get it here:

Julien Smith is a New York Times bestselling author of two books, Trust Agents and The Flinch.

The Flinch was launched on Seth Godin’s Domino Project.  Read more of what the author had to say about the book from his blog post:  Here’s an excerpt:

It’s about how to push your own barriers and how to do things that scare you.

Writing the book was hardest thing I’ve ever done, and as an experiment, it’s available for free.

With the help of Seth, Chris Brogan, and many others, I made something so far beyond my usual capacities that it actually shocks me.

Godin called it: “a surprise, a confrontation, a book that will push you, scare you and possibly stick with you for years to come.”


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