Books on Writing

23 Feb

My writings scream amateur and beginner.  I wish I took up communications or any relevant course in college.

I face a long journey ahead.  No shortcuts.  It will take me years to get good and make a living out of it.

To learn more, I spend hours reading blogs and free e-books on the topic.  I also spend some money on books and e-books.  My recent purchases are “Getting The Words Right” and “Every Writer’s Dream: How to Never Pitch Your Work Again”.

“Getting The Words Right” ranks #39 in Amazon under Editing Writing Reference category and sells for $10.98.  I got it for Php180 at Booksale, which sells low-priced unused and previously-owned books and bargain publications.

Author Theodore Cheney offers 39 targeted ways to improve writing skills including how to:

  • create smooth transitions between paragraphs
  • correct the invisible faults of inconsistency, incoherence, and imbalance
  • overcome problems of shifting point of view and style
  • express ideas clearly by trimming away weak or extra words

“Every Writer’s Dream: How to Never Pitch Your Work Again” comes with a freelance publishing guide called “Before Your First Book: 5 Tips to Getting Published Now”.  I got the set of e-books from Jeff Goins Writer for $4.99.

Author Jeff Goins shares how to develop three very important tools:

  • A platform
  • A personal brand
  • Channels of connection (i.e. a tribe of dedicated followers and fans)

2 Responses to “Books on Writing”

  1. Jeff Goins March 6, 2012 at 2:04 am #

    Thanks for getting the word out!

    • Laila March 8, 2012 at 11:23 am #

      You’re welcome, Jeff.

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