Free Guide and Course on Blogging

24 Feb

Eager to learn more about blogging?  Here are two free resources:

Passion Blogging Guide

Source: Wake Up Cloud (click above title to go to download page)

Format: e-Book

Sign-up: Not required

Overview of Steps:

  1. How to Develop the Proper Mindset for Outrageous Success
  2. How to Find Your Passion, Fast!
  3. How to Discover Your Niche (i.e. Your Topic of Choice)
  4. Crushing the Technical Difficulties That Stand Before You and Your Dreams
  5. The Fundamentals That Make Successful Blogs Successful
  6. How to Find Your Voice
  7. How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes or Less
  8. How to Get Traffic, Visitors, and Fans to Your Stuff
  9. Building a Tribe That Cares
  10. How to Make Your First $1K Passion Blogging

Intentional Blogging

Source: Jeff Goins Writer (click above title to go to sign-up page)

Format: e-mail

Sign-up: Required.  Every week, a lesson is delivered to inbox.

Overview of Lessons:

  1. Getting Started with Blogging
  2. Finding Your Blog’s Focus
  3. How to Discover Your Blog’s Voice
  4. Deciding What Type of Blog Works for You
  5. How to Craft Compelling Content
  6. The Best Way to Build a List
  7. Writing for Search Engines
  8. How to Format Your Blog Posts to Get Them Read
  9. The Importance of Networking & Making Connections
  10. Why You Need to Write Guest Posts
  11. Interviewing Experts & Influencing Influencers
  12. Being Awesome

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