Overhaul: 4-Part Teaching Series

26 Feb

Overhaul is a 4-part teaching series by lay preacher Brother Bo Sanchez.  The entire series is posted on his blog BoSanchez.ph.

Below is an overview.  Please click the link to read the full article.


Introduction: Take The 30-Day Challenge!

To experience a spiritual overhaul, you need four important elements: Purpose, Plan, Practice, and Produce.

Part I: Purpose

Find Your Burning, Powerful, Explosive Why

Two Qualities of Purpose:

  1. It’s got to be Emotional
  2. It’s got to be Enormous

Part II: Plan

Winners Are Planners

Two Important Elements To Planning:

  1. Be Positive
  2. Be Proficient

Part III: Practice

Let No One Fool You: The Real Key To Success Is (Drumroll Please)…

Three Principles Of Execution

  1. Start Now
  2. Start Small
  3. Start Again

Conclusion: Don’t Bury Your Dreams

Part IV: Produce

Do You Have Patterns Of Success?

“If you create Patterns of Success, it’ll be very difficult not to succeed.”

Three Examples:

  1. Marriage Success
  2. Parenting Success
  3. Financial Success

Two Small Things That Can Cause Big Changes:

  1. What Are Your Broken Windows?
  2. Cleaning The Graffiti

Conclusion:  Accept “Slip Ups” As Part Of The Journey


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