Good Intentions and Great Advices

6 Mar

Our family and friends may have our best interests at heart but we cannot always rely on them for the best advices.  No matter how well-meaning or good their intentions are.

I learned this from an upline when I was an IBO at Amway a few years back.  And it continues to prove to be true.

When I want to achieve something – a dream or a goal – I may not get any support or encouragement from family or friends at all.  Some may even discourage or convince me to quit or that I can’t do it.

Sometimes, it is better to seek advice from people I hardly know and who hardly know me.  Especially when that person has done or is already doing what I am meaning to do.

That’s just the way it is.  Sometimes, we just have to do things on our own.  And expect help to come from complete strangers who share a common dream or goal.


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