My Family’s Half-Day Out

17 Mar

Except for the quick run last Tuesday to return a client’s documents and to buy Lorin some books at Booksale, we have been cooped up at home for most of the week due to a heavier-than-usual workload.  But I am thankful for it because more work means more opportunities, opportunities equal blessings.  And I’m not only talking about financial blessings. =)

It was only yesterday afternoon that we were able to get out of the house without having to rush back home.  After lunch, we went to SM Lipa.  We withdrew money from the ATM and then paid our credit card bill at the SM Bills Payment Counter.  We bought Lorin some undies at the SM Dept. Store.  The grocery does not carry the toothpaste and toothbrush brand that she uses, so we went to Watson’s and also bought some medication.

Since Lorin is currently into Strawberry Shortcake, we went to Astroplus to look for a VCD.  There weren’t any available.  She also likes watching youtube videos of the music from Happy Feet, Shrek and Madagascar, so we showed her VCDs of those and she chose Happy Feet.

On our way to National Bookstore, we passed by Jollibee.  As expected, Lorin stopped in her tracks and pointed at it, asking for food.  For our afternoon snacks, my husband and I had burgers and sundaes.  Lorin requested for fried chicken and rice because she hadn’t had lunch yet.  She had her morning snacks late and was already full by lunch time.  For dessert, Lorin ate the hot fudge on my sundae and left the vanilla ice cream alone.  She only eats chocolate-flavored ice cream.

From Jollibee, we decided to go straight to SM Supermarket to buy groceries.  We bought chicken thighs and wings, Purefoods canned food (luncheon meat, sisig, corned beef), Pampers diapers (Lorin is semi potty-trained.  She still wears them at night.), biscuits and Gardenia white bread, Chippy and Clover, brown sugar, Great Taste 3-in-1 coffee, Nestle iced tea, tissues, Growers peanuts, Magnolia Chocolait, elbow macaroni, instant noodles, toothpaste and red onions.  We brought a list, so were done in no time.

We were also out of eggs.  But the eggs at the supermarket are small and have a short shelf life.  Before heading home, we went to a store in Brgy. Sabang to buy a tray of large fresh eggs.  When we got home, we started watching Happy Feet.  But we got sleepy.  We continued watching it after taking a nap.

There, that’s how some days in the life of work-at-home parents and their only child go.  We don’t have a daily schedule or routine.  Sometimes, I crave for structure.  Most times, I am happy with the way things are.  =)


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