To My Sister Miles Away

18 Mar

Yesterday, I watched my older sister finish making popcakes for a cousin’s birthday party.  She was sitting in their dining room in the USA while I was sitting in our home office here in the Philippines.  I watched her via Skype.  Thank you very much, Skype!

My sister has been living and working in the USA for more than a decade.  She left our country the day after the 9/11 attacks.  She was 24 years old.

We have quite a few relatives in the USA.  One of our other cousins helped my sister get a job there by recommending her.  My sister was interviewed and hired over the phone.  That same cousin let her live and stay with them when she got there.  Thank you very much, cousin!

My sister is the artist among us four siblings.  She sings and draws really well.  Those are her God-given talents.  Her daughter is already showing a talent in drawing, too.

They have their own apartment now.  My parents visited them last year and stayed with them for over a month.  Next year, my sister and her daughter will be visiting us here.  I can’t wait.

Take care always, sis!  Stay strong.  See you next year!  See you later – at Skype. =)

God bless all of the people who love you and take care of you while you are there.  Thank you, all.


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