Four Things To Thank For

20 Mar

It is true.  The more you count your blessings, the more blessings will come to you.  I have a couple of things to be thankful for these past two days:

1.  Pizza for last Sunday’s dinner courtesy of my brother and his wife

Aside from being generous, my brother is also very patient.  The only one in our family who doesn’t have a sakit sa gigil, as my older sister calls it.  The rest of us have varying degrees of anger management problems.  He he.

I don’t remember ever seeing him angry and  I rarely see him get impatient.  He takes things in stride and he doesn’t make things unnecessarily complicated.

2.  Inflatable pool for Lorin and her cousin Daniel from my parents

My parents love giving gifts to their grandchildren.  My mother saw an ad about inflatable pools on last Sunday’s newspaper and bought one that night.

My husband and my brother set it up yesterday after lunch.  My daughter and nephew truly enjoyed playing in the water.  The adults had fun watching the kids have fun.  Delightful.

3.  Kindle version of Zen to Done by Leo Babauta free at Amazon

I already have copies of Leo’s 3 other books, The Power of Less, The Effortless Life, and The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life.  I was browsing through Amazon’s Top 100 Free in Kindle Store and found Zen to Done under the nonfiction category.

I have been following Leo’s blog Zen Habits since 2009.  My brother reads it and recommended it to me.

I downloaded the free copy of the ebook yesterday.  I checked and it’s still free today.  I don’t know how long it’s going to be free though.

4.  Hand-me-down computer chair from my mother’s home office

My mother bought a new office chair last Sunday and asked us if we want the old swivel chair.  My husband did a minor repair and he’s been using it since yesterday.

I knew he wants one.   He’s been checking out swivel chairs at furniture stores and mentions buying one when we can fit it in our budget.  He got his wish granted.


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