She Understood and Remembered

21 Mar

Every day, Lorin asks to see her cousin Daniel.  Except today.  I guess this means she still recalls what happened.

Yesterday, the kids were sitting at the corner of my brother’s living room, playing with wooden blocks.

I turned my back for a moment to reach for the block that my nephew threw under the TV stand.  Then I heard my brother’s voice .  I can’t remember what he said exactly, but the tone of his voice made me turn around to look.

My daughter just bit her cousin’s hand – hard.  I saw teeth marks and was disheartened.  I didn’t get angry with Lorin.  I was more worried for my nephew.

My brother carried him to the bathroom sink to let cool water run on his son’s hand.  I took Lorin and followed them.  I asked her to apologize for hurting her cousin.  She refused.  I didn’t force her.

I took her back home and told her father what happened.  I tried to remember how to handle a situation like this.  It was important to emphasize that it’s what she did that was wrong.  To not to label a child as “bad”.

We told her that we won’t be coming over to her cousin’s house for a few days.  She was sitting on my lap, crying silently.  After a while, I brought her to our room and left to see how my nephew was doing.

He was having dinner.  He seemed okay and the teeth marks were gone.  My sister-in-law wasn’t home yet.  I told my brother to tell her that we’re sorry.

Today, we stayed home all day.  She watched Strawberry Shortcake and asked me to read Dr. Seuss and Aladdin to her.  Not once did she ask to go out.


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