We Don’t Do Hugs

21 Mar

My parents came from poor families.  And like most parents who grew up poor, they wanted their children to have what they didn’t have.

Their attempts to make us appreciate what they were doing for us sometimes fell on my deaf ears.  It was easy to take things for granted.

We were, by no means, rich.  But we always had food on the table and our tuition and other school fees were paid on time and we always had baon for school.  Bills and salaries of employees were paid.

I knew my parents took out business loans.  Sometimes, I sense difficulties, but my parents manage to keep everything afloat. They settled them all somehow.  No creditors knocking on our door and taking our stuff as payment.

I never heard my mother talk about our money problems.  I only heard my father talk about having sleepless nights thinking and worrying about debts when I was older.

We are not the kind of family who “sits down and talk”.  We don’t do hugs, we don’t do kisses.  We don’t say “I love you” to each other.

They showed us how much they care the way they knew how.  By providing for our needs and by being responsible parents.  By being there during birthdays and graduations.

There is no doubt in my mind how much my parents love us.  Sure, there were times that I don’t understand them and disagree with how they raised us.  But their intentions were obvious.  As parents, they only want what’s best for their children.


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