Meeting Deadlines

24 Mar

Wow.  It’s been a long time since I was swamped with work.  It felt good – after I got things done.

My husband and I work in my family’s business, which offers accounting, auditing and taxation services.

The months leading up to April is a particularly workload-heavy period.  Filing of Annual Income Tax returns is due next month.

We never left the house since Saturday.  We had a lot of work.  We still do.  After April 15, things will go back to normal.

This morning, we’re going to take a breather.  We’ll go out to buy some groceries later.  And then back to work this afternoon.

By the way, I finished writing the drafts of the last three guidelines of my personal manifesto before 6am today.  Initially, I posted each guideline on this blog and on my other blog.  The guidelines were in a form of letters addressed to my daughter.  They were so long.  Most were about a thousand words each.

It’s much shorter now, and more like an e-booklet than an e-book.  I also added, removed and changed some of the guidelines.  They’re no longer equally divided among three categories.   I will share it here on April 15, as earlier announced.  =)


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