Growing Reading List

25 Mar

My reading list continues to grow and grow.  I am downloading free ebooks from Amazon faster than I can read them.

I browse through the Top 100 Free in Kindle Store almost everyday.  It’s a haven for frugal bookworms like me.

Yesterday I bought these Kindle books for a grand total of $0.00:

I love reading.  I really do.

A lay preacher joked, “when they [accountants] read a book, they look at the page numbers”.  So untrue.

I am an accountant, by the way.  And I have a sense of humor, too.  (Do you want me to tell you a joke?)

I can find my way around numbers easier than I can around words.  It’s a challenge for me to communicate effectively with writing, and more so with speaking.

But with reading… with reading… ah… uh… I can’t find the words to describe it.


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