One Less Regret

27 Mar

When the weather’s bad, like today, I appreciate being a work-from-home mom more.  When my daughter gets hurt, is sick or upset, and cries, I’m glad that I’m there to comfort her and make her feel better.

Those are just some of the advantages of being a work-at-home-mom.  And the disadvantages?

I wake up at 4am everyday just to have two hours of me-time.  That’s when I can focus on myself.  When my wife and mother hats are off.  It’s when I say my prayers, recite self-affirmations, read my dreams and goals and view my vision board, write on my journal, and read a book, an ebook, or a blog.

And during the day, I am used to being interrupted whether I’m working, doing housework, taking a break or resting.  To read her a book, to play with her, or to take her over to her cousin’s or to her grandparents’ house.

But it’s okay.  For I know that years from now, that’s going to be one thing in my life that I will never regret.

I’d rather be tired, sleep-deprived, and a little behind work today, so that tomorrow, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I  was able to make my daughter feel how important she is to me.


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